Stained Concrete

Stained Concrete Services

Artcrete Designs is a leading stained concrete contractor in Austin, TX, providing expert concrete services of the highest quality in the industry.

Stained concrete can deliver a unique look and is the most durable surface in an office or home. With an endless canvas of color and finishing combinations, you can transform concrete from a static surface to a beautiful attraction piece. We are a woman-owned business whose motto is “We Turn Concrete Into Art.”

We are a team of experienced stained concrete professionals who pay close attention to detail to deliver 100% client satisfaction. Our versatility and experience allow us to apply various products to create unique design solutions and deliver quality stained concrete services. Artcrete Designs is the expert contractor for your next project, from stained flooring to resurfaced walls to exterior surfaces.

Professional Stained Concrete Design

Concrete staining is a specialized process that achieves an elegant look that is not produced by other options. Concrete has a porous texture, and concrete stains penetrate the surface while creating colors and the appearance of textures that vary based on the technician’s application and skill. Artcrete Designs has the skill and experience to create unique stained concrete looks that mimic many other surfaces, from smooth granite to thick leather to wood or even leather.

The ability of the professional stained concrete contractor is the key to success. Artcrete Designs will work with you to identify what you want in stained concrete and walk you through the complete design and application process. Your most significant decision will be which beautiful stain combination you want for your project.

Quality Concrete Staining

The two basic types of concrete stains are acid-based and water-based. It can be applied to either existing or new concrete. A plain concrete surface can become a new design element within your office or home. Stains work their way into the concrete, providing a UV barrier and resistance to wear suitable for interior or exterior surfaces, from concrete countertops to concrete garage floors.

The semi-transparent characteristic of concrete stains allows the treatment to enhance the surface and not hide any cracks, blemishes, or other flaws in the concrete. Artcrete Designs can help remove any unsightly parts of a concrete surface or work them into the creative design. The goal is to create an original look that complements your office or home design.

Creative concrete staining can be applied to interior and exterior concrete surfaces. Artcrete Designs works with clients to take advantage of the unique design options of concrete stains to create a lasting appeal for your concrete project.

Affordable Stained Concrete

As the top stained concrete company serving the area, Artcrete Designs helps clients add environmentally safe concrete stains to their offices or home. Concrete is a recyclable material, and concrete stains can keep existing concrete in use longer while adding to the lifetime of new concrete.

Concrete staining is an affordable alternative to more expensive options like hardwood floors, tile, or carpeting. All of these must be replaced sooner than concrete, and stained concrete keeps your interior or exterior surface looking good longer.

Whether building a new property or remodeling, Artcrete Designs can help enhance the value and visual appeal of your office or home. Our quality stained concrete services are the new addition you’re seeking. Let our team design and install a stained concrete solution that adds an artistic flare.